Objectives of the Event

  • To further facilitate business between Nigeria and Austria;
  • To showcase Nigeria’s business potentials;
  • To identify potential business partnerships and investors in Austria;
  • To gain knowledge on the thoughts, challenges and aspirations of European/Austrian Business regarding the Nigerian Market;
  • To establish a framework for cooperation and engagement between Business in both countries;
  • To assist Nigeria’s companies to access relevant Austrian technologies;



  • Farming production Enhancing Techniques
  • Food Processing Technology
  • Farming Machineries/Equipment
  • Farm Produce Processing, Machineries and Equipment
  • Produce Packaging Technology and Equipment

Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

  • Food Processing
  • Mechanized Farming
  • Agricultural equipment and machinery

Diaspora Housing Scheme

  • Financing Opportunities
  • Low cost Housing
  • Government partnerships
  • Building Technologies

Water Processing Technology

  • Water Purification Technology
  • Water Packaging Technology
  • Water Harvesting Technology
  • Water Management

Waste Management Technology

  • Conversion of Waste to Energy
  • Fertilizer production from Farm Waste
  • Waste Separation Technology